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Familie Netel al 50 Jaar eigenaar van t'Papeneiland


Bill Clinton haalt bij Appeltaart t'Papeneiland


A Dutch Review of Cafe t'Papeneiland was written in 1977 by Ben ten Holter for his book "The Pubs of Amsterdam"

Ben ten Holter Kroegenboek Cafe t'Papeneiland


The interior hasn't changed much since the photo was taken in 1964 by Dolf Toussiant for his book "The Jordaan" accompanied with texts from Simon Carmiggelt.

 Jordaan 1965 Dolf Toussaint en Simon Carmiggelt

1956 - 1940

Association de Keyser who managed to buy the building on the corner of the Prinsengracht and which currently hosts Cafe t'Papeneiland. Couldn't resist the urge of bringing back the authentic stepped gables during the renovation of 1956

Renovatie cafe t'Papeneiland


Delivery of new barrels of beer by flat boats in 1907

Dekschuiten t'Papeneiland


This might well be the first-ever taken photo of the most photographed corner of Amsterdam. The photo was taken by Breitner, when Cafe t' Papeneiland was still named "Tapperij De Blauwe Druif" (Taproom The Blue Grape)

Dekschuiten t'Papeneiland


Illustrator Jacob Cats made this view of the Brouwersgracht and Prinsengracht in 1785 with Cafe t'Papeneiland on the corner with its authentic stepped gables, that in 1956 became the main threat in the renovation design of Association de Keyser.

Jacob Cats t'Papeneiland


Renier Noomen could have been sitting on the terrace of Cafe t'Papeneiland in June 1659 when he made the etching. But most probably was this the view you would have seen when you looked out of the Windows of Cafe t'Papeneiland in that time. The relative new lock build in 1618, in combination with the bustling Noordermarkt made this a very lively area of Amsterdam at the time, and it still is.

Uitzicht Cafe t'Papeneiland


For the first time, we do see an empty spot on the map of Balthasar Florisz van Berckenrode here. One of the most iconic corners of the canals of Amsterdam isn't complete yet. Egbert Gerritsz Daelder, the neighbour from across the Prinsengracht must have thought the same. That is why in 1642 he started to construct the current building in which we can find Cafe t'Papeneiland. And where everyone has been welcome ever since.

Kaart Amsterdam 1625 Balthasar Florisz van Berckenrode